Pueblo, Colorado - Pueblo Holistic Fair 

We will be in booth 59 next to the food court at the show. We will have Ghost Hunting Equipment and New Age Merchandise to purchase at the show.

April 11&12


Lecture At

To Be Announced

At the Pueblo Holistic Fair.

April 11,


Scheduled Events


SoCoPi Paranormal 

Ghost Hunter Team

Have a possessed Ouija Board?

We need your Ouija Boards, Witch Boards, Spirit Boards, Psychic Boards, Talking Boards, etc.. We are doing research on demon activity and ghost attachment on Ouija type boards. If you have had a bad experience, feel your board is possessed, or haunted we could use it.


SoCoPi Paranormal

Attn: Dr. Fearn

P.O. Box 20368

2935 Applewood Dr.

Colorado City, CO 81019

With your board give a written statement of what has happened to you and any other information you feel would be helpful.

SoCoPi is also researching and accepting any haunted or possessed item.

Items will not be returned and will become property of SoCoPi Paranormal